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About us


Very soon to be 10 years of successful work of cooperation between KooStar design group and ArtMix company. A successful formula of collaboration between design artists and professional technologists has quickly lead this cooperation to the top in the field of sports awards and souvenirs production. High artistic level of the products, its quality and exclusivity was appreciated by public organizations, as well as individual collectors. We have prepared prize funds for many Baltic championships, a few world and Europe championships. Creative potential is successfully realized thanks to the hard work of two leaders of this collaboration – Aleksey Kostirev and Valery Batar. Their idea to create unique products, specifically for the individual client, brought and rallied around the group of young and talented designers and artists. The central element in most of the products is sculpture or relief, made by the famous miniature masters E. Weingart, Y. Rakov and artist S. Sunn. The artistic concept of KooStar group is a mix of the traditional style with modern art tendencies. Our designers give a lot of attention to the clients wishes and demands, which gives the possibility to bring the ideas to life on a higher artistic level.


Products and services

  • Designing and production of different products using the metal casting technology, laser cutting and etching;
  • Sports awards;
  • Souvenirs;
  • Engraving and printing on different surfaces;
  • Printing products;
  • Design.


  • Low-melting metals based on tin, zinc;
  • Bronze;
  • Natural wood;
  • Glass;
  • Artificial sheet and casting stone;
  • Amber.


Modern technological developments from our specialists allows to combine original design and relatively low price in our products.
We bring to Your attention the part of products made by our collaboration.

1. Medals​
Sketch development, design. Productions of medals of varying difficulty based on the clients wishes.
2. Unified medals
Medals are developed considering the specifics of the organization and sport, but it provides the possibility to use a replaceable insertion, which allows this medal to be used over several seasons. By ordering such medal, You save money and get Your original and exclusive product at the same time.
3. Prizes, cups by individual projects

Materials: metal, wood, glass, artificial stone, plastic.

4. Prizes and cups which are already made

We are ready to provide You with prizes and cups of European production, manufactured from different materials. The range and prices of those products are sent by REQUEST.

5. Souvenirs, gifts by individual projects for a variety of materials

Corporate gifts and promotional gifts: badges, signs, keychains and other business related souvenirs. This offer is for those who appreciate individuality and exclusivity.

6. Printing products,

Our design group KooStar will help you with development of Your company’s logo and will make printing product’s layout ready for printing.


In addition to our own products, we can provide You with medals from other manufacturers.
Specific suggestions on those products are sent by REQUEST.

For collectors

Winners of the competitions are keeping the medal and wards made by our collaboration with huge care, because of how unique and different they are, compared to the massively produced equivalents. Frozen particle of creative energy in our products is a valuable historical and artistic exhibit that shows a fusion of cultures and tendencies in a modern worlds art. Collectible versions of awards are provided with a company certificate and can be packed in special boxes, based on the clients wishes.
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